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December 3rd, 2008

Kay dinged the magical level 80 last night.  The burdon that is leveling has been lifted from my shoulders.

A new path lies before me.  A path to fame, to glory, and of course, epic gear upgrades.

Naxxramas is firmly fixed within my sights.  Kel'thuzad shall fall.

November 20th, 2008


I just realized I so failed at my Week in Review post.  It's THURSDAY, not Wednesday.

I really should learn to drink my first cup of coffee before I post a LJ entry...

Lich King: a week in review

Well today is Wednesday, the sixth day after WotLK came out, and I have to say I'm doing better than I had firs thought.

Going into the expansion I set a goal for myself: earn three levels a week, which would give me a four week leveling up period.  Last night I dinged level 73, a full day ahead of time.  This is actually pretty importand for me because the #1 thing I don't want to see happening is me falling behind my guild peers in the leveling curve. 

I'm certainly not the furthest along (one of our guys is 76) but I'm not lagging behind either.  I'm guessing there are two big reasons I'm ahead of my goals:

My talent spec: I'm specced for Siphon Life in the Affliction tree and the Felguard in my Demonology tree.  While this isn't the highest damaging spec there is, it does emphasize survivabiltiy.  I walked onto a beach last night needing to kill 14 mobs.  I started at the top of the beach and ran down it, throwing DoT's on everything in sight.  In the end I finished that quest with 1 chain-pull of all 14 mobs, and ended the fight at full health and about half mana.

QuestHelper: this mod has simply opened my eyes.  A buddy in the guild suggested it, and it is, quite simply, awesome.  It actually calculates what quest you should do next based on what's in your quest log and where you are (geographically).  If you pick up new quests it automatically recalculates your route.  The end result is that you spend much less time running from quest to quest and more time actually completing the quests.  And that means the quest xp flows in much faster than it used to for me.

Anyway, tonight is all fluff.  I'll probably get a jump start on next week's three levels, or perhaps play my Death Knight (who, incidentally, is inspiring me to take up tanking again - at least as a side hobby).

November 10th, 2008

Well, I've gone ahead and cancelled the Warhammer Online sub that I had.  Tried it, like some parts of it (and disliked others), but it just doesn't have the content to hold my attention.

Spent some time over the weekend playing my LOTRO Burglar.  Dinged level 45 on him late yesterday while doing some fellowship quests with a PUG.

But the real news: Warcraft's new expansion hits the store in 3 days!  Oh, and my mailbox as I got super-lucky and snatched up a Collector Edition copy of it off Amazon during the three hours they had reopened the ordering for last week!  It's even scheduled to arrive on release day!

This particular collector edition is the only one to date that I felt I must have.  Why you ask?  Simple: I play an undead warlock, and the vanity pet included with the CE is a frostwyrm whelp (i.e. baby undead dragon).  It SOO fits my character.  The other stuff that comes with it is just icing on the cake that is my little whelp.

September 15th, 2008


World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Street date: November 13th CONFIRMED.

Enough said.

August 7th, 2008

More from Supremacy

Apparently the GM and her significant other have both been accepted into another raiding guild.  I found out today that Supremacy itself will not be disbanded, but I would bet the core players (myself included) are all in the process of jumping ship.

On a lighter note, with no financial commitments related to raiding I finally dropped Tai's blacksmithing in favor of jewelcrafting.  I took most of the jewelcrafting supplies the guild had on-hand in the guild bank.  So it hasn't been too much of a drain on my gold supply.

Supremacy, sinking fast

 Well, the GM announced that "becuase Supremacy is breaking up" that the guild bank will be divided up amongst the membership.

That is basically the gun-shot to the head.  Now it's just a matter of time before the guild is officially dead and gets disbanded.  Over the years I have played WoW I have heard about fast guild break-ups but have never been a part of one.  It's actually quite amazing how fast things are moving now.

Mortalsin (our main tank who left last night) is quitting WoW for a few months, though he says he'll be back around the time Lich King is released.  I am going to miss him quite a bit.

So now I find myself wondering what to do for the next few months.  Some of my options include (a) leveling my hunter from 51 to 70, (b) finally getting around to dropping Tai's blacksmithing in favor of jewelcrafting, and of course the old, dreaded, standby... (c) PvP.

One thing I do know: I won't be on as much anymore.  I'm already taking more time to watch some of my favorite shows on t.v. instead of recording them on the DVR.  That trend will probably continue into the future.

More to come as things shake out...

August 6th, 2008

The End of an Era

I'll summarize this entire post with one line: Supremacy, the WoW guild I have spent the better part of a year with, is imploding.

Very recently we have been experiencing a long series of problems with fielding viable raids.  The general idea was that we were burned out, especially with the new expansion looming on the horizon.  A decision was made that, for an indefinite time period, we would stop raiding.

The GM and her significant other posted messages on the forums to the tune of "i don't want to quit raiding so I'm going to another guild".

The significant other then decided to fire off a rather drama-inducing message.  Two other officers, including our Raid Leader (a damn good tank) and our BEST tank, quit the guild.  That means we just lost half of our most active and THE best geared tanks.

People are going to start leaving the guild like it was the Titanic.

July 6th, 2008

More from Boston

I'm in the process of uploading Boston days 2 and 3 pics.  These include mainly shots of Harvard University (the place is stunning) and some more shots from the historic areas of Boston.

As I am typing this we have moved on from the Boston area to the next part of the trip.  We took a flight from Boston down to Baltimore, then hopped into a rental car and jaunted over to Harrisburg, PA.   This is the last stop of our vacation, and will include such destinations as Hershey, PA, and probably a day of time spent in Lancaster. 

For those interested in the photo's just check out the Boston collection I've got on my Flickr account.  The link should be the same I posted yesterday.


So I'm up here in the Boston area, taking in the sights and having a pretty good time for the most part.

Got some photos if anyone is interested.  This particular batch came from our first day in Boston, where we mostly just went around town and got some pics of interesting stuff.

I'll have to remember to take the time to write up this little trip of ours in much more detail when I get a minute or 30.

Anyway, heres the picture set:

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